weekly linky-love

weekly linky-love


one of the things i intend to do with this blog is to link to some of my favorite articles and fun things from the week and provide a little commentary. i’ll be publishing this feature every sunday.

Playing While the World is On Fire // the events of this week – from the utter nonsense in the white house to the ongoing fight against SESTA/FOSTA to the illegal airstrikes in syria – remind us all of the need to resist but also to rest. we need to remember to reconnect with our body and spirit and bring ourselves pleasure when we can. it’s an important part of recharging for the fight. thank you for this reminder, kink academy.

Out Of Sexting Ideas? Try These // what a fun list of ideas from kimberly truong! i really love the ones that involve compliments and puns. i’m not the best at sexting, but now i want to try these out on Daddy this week. 😉

The Vagina Illustrator Redefining Genital Beauty Standard // wow! beautiful illustrations by meredith white! going to buy all the zines now!

caitlin at sexational posted this information on their twitter this week and i thought it was worth reposting. even if you’re not a sex worker, you can be an ally. here’s a list of good ways to get and stay involved:


enjoy the rest of your sunday, friends! 💙