weekly link-love

weekly link-love

what was i thinking calling this “weekly linky-love?” was i having a little moment? whew boy. let’s try “weekly link-love” on for size…

just a taste of this week’s good stuff:

I Don’t Work for Free (and Neither Should You) – i’m learning this whole sexblogging thing as i go and as part of a larger effort to move myself into writing/creating for a living. taryn recently tweeted this gem from her archive and it’s a really helpful reminder that we all really have to pay creators for their time and energy and if we are professional creators ourselves, we must make sure we’re paid for our work!

Squishing Off: Textured Clit Stimulation – WOW. this is a really cool article about one of Lunabelle’s favorite practices, “squishing off.” this totes made me squirm. go check this out!

i stumbled across this video one night, probably search “shibari for beginners” or something. this is beautifully shot and way too short. i’d love to see a full-length documentary on this particular healer. i’ve watched this probably a dozen times and every single viewing makes my head tingle! this is definitely how i’m starting to construct my own spirituality, specifically healing with the erotic.

I am consistently blown away by kirstie schultz‘s work on chronicsex.org. her intersectional take on all things sex and disability is so needed right now (and always). i always walk away learning something new.