weekly link-love: double the love edition

weekly link-love: double the love edition

pleasure me

hello, my dear readers! it’s been a minute, so here’s a double helping of essays and other links loved this past week for your perusal. enjoy!

pigtails and the patriarchy: where sex meets style – as always, kate sloan (@girly_juice) hits the nail on the head. this is a good exploration of personal aesthetic and sex and kink. at the end of the article, she poses some great questions to consider as you dress for a sexy time. i’m considering journaling about all of this myself! more importantly, can we talk about how pigtails are always okay and you’re never too old for them?!

your guide to brands whose pride-themed merch actually gives back to lgbtq communities – if you’re going to spend your cash on gear for pride, at least buy from companies that support our communities with much-needed money! personally, i’m really digging the converse miley cyrus pride collection. those platform chucks, tho!

Can An Intimate Wearable Change The Conversation About Sex? – writer nicole guappone (@nicoleguappone) tackles SO many things in this article! the ohnut intimate wearable is a groundbreaking new product poised to be a game changer for folx with pelvic pain. but nicole manages to talk about the development of this product while also discussing the consequences of SESTA/FOSTA for sex educators using social media and crowd-funding platforms like kickstarter and patreon. ohnut‘s developer, emily sauer, has had a lot of difficulty getting these platforms to allow her to market her great idea as a result of companies like youtube aggressively policing their platforms and shutting down even the most educational of videos about sex. (and btw – her campaign only has 4 more days, so if you can, consider supporting it!) there’s also a discussion of gender and gynecology and sexual pleasure – all kinds of stuff. excellent work, nicole, on something i didn’t know much about. i certainly hope the ohnut is fully funded and we see the product on the market soon!

review of iroha stick – mamz (@Little_xsecret) has a good review of the iroha stick lipstick vibe made by tenga. i am MOST curious about this vibe for two reasons. 1) my Daddy has a thing about lipstick and this is the perfect toy for him to require me to carry in my bag at all times. 2) THAT V! i’m all over this one…

a femme’s guide to hard packing – full disclosure: i’ve never packed, nor have i fucked someone with a strap-on! BUT… after reading this, i’m totally curious about hard packing and, well, packing in general. i’m turned on by the idea of wearing a really girly dress while packing. so, ahem, anyway, i highly recommend checking out this essay from artemisia femmecock’s (@afemmecock) archives!

queer women and the rise of passive online flirting – i’m intrigued by this piece in i-d by sophie jackson and feel that it could be a companion piece to my previous post, consensual aimless flirting is a thing, people. i’ve never been great at flirting with other women unless i know for sure they’re queer. i’ve always found it easier online than in person, even in queer spaces. why are we so afraid? it’s an interesting question to ask…

why buying sex toys from amazon is a risky gamble – this is a super informative piece from lilly (@dangeouslilly) and i’m convinced that i’ll never buy another toy from amazon again! once i started reading reviews from sex bloggers and shopping from companies directly (not to mention supporting smaller independent sex toy entrepreneurs), i learned i didn’t need to even bother searching amazon. sure, maybe i can get the thing i want in a day or two, but is it really worth it if i’m getting a knockoff? better to support those who make the toys directly AND make sure you’re getting a quality product. i highly recommend this read. you’ll never see this issue the same way again.

enjoying sex furniture when you don’t have a sex dungeon – another very informative post from cara sutra (@thecarasutra) about sex furniture that you can either use for other purposes or easily store in a smaller living space. i can’t say enough great things about the quality of the liberator, but otherwise, i’ll have to start looking into some of these cool products. thanks, cara, for the (yummy) food for (dirty) thought!

thanks for reading and have a sexellent week! 💜