weekly link-love

weekly link-love

link-love for everyone! turns out this week is mostly about self-love…

How Sex Toy Makers Pick Vibrator Colors – this is a fascinating piece on how sex toy colors are selected and which ones are the most popular. (he doesn’t make vibes, but the owner of funkit toys makes some really lovely dildos in all kinds of bright and sometimes swirly colors. i love mine! go buy!)

After Trauma – Shedding Isolation – angel’s very personal and poetic post resonated with me. if you’ve experienced a lot of trauma in your life, it can be difficult to assume the best from new people in your life. it filled my heart up to read how she’s learning to let strangers in again. much love to you and all the best for a more hopeful and loving future, angel. thank you for sharing yourself with us all. 😊

On Weight, Rope and Grief for the Body – wow. another personal piece that resonated with me this week. i’d never framed my own body struggles as grieving the body i’ve always wanted, but that’s an important acknowledgement i will be sitting with for a while. thank you, coffee & kink, for this moving read. (please heed the CN/CW!)

How to Write Your Own Submissive Affirmations – for my fellow subs, this a very useful, inspiring guide to writing your own daily affirmations. the link will allow you to download the guide for free. i highly recommend it if you’re struggling with negative self-talk or feel somehow inadequate as a sub. you could easily adapt this process for any area of your life!

here’s one of the best tweets i saw this week:

happy sunday, dear readers. let’s all love ourselves more this week and always! ❤