weekly link-love!

weekly link-love!

Photographer captures people’s BDSM style against their everyday looks i really love how this photo series features all kinds of bodies and a variety of relationships. it really does show us how fun bdsm can be. adult playtime, indeed!

Crank up the Volume: A Case for Loud Sex – i like the way mr. promiscuous implores us to avoid censoring the sounds we make during sex and to explore the ways we naturally sound when we don’t care if we’re heard. i also wonder about how people internalize what we see in porn and then act that out in their positions, facial expressions, and sounds. surely i can find someone who’s written about this… anyway, great post!

Women Are Rising Up in Porn Industry, N.Y. Times Article Says – it’s great to see an article that addresses how women have become creators/co-creators of porn and have eschewed the usual routes to and through the industry, out of necessity and/or choice. however, the powers-that-be get mighty testy when you start thriving without them, so here we are with SESTA/FOSTA. (thanks to megan ashley for tweeting the link!)

found using google images. sorry i don’t know the artist’s name…

Queer, Angry, and Engaged – if you’re someone who opposes marriage as a heteronormative (and in some ways, misogynist) social construct, deciding to get married can be a mindfuck. on the one hand, you want to hold steadfast to your politics and reject the wedding industrial complex. on the other hand, you want to take part in the ritual of pledging yourself and binding yourself to your love. much to unpack with this article! i’d love to hear an update on how afemmecock feels about it all two years after getting married. (this is an article published in october 2016.)

The Cum Button – i’ve never considered my belly button an erogenous zone, but wow… this bit of erotica is pretty hot.

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