weekly link-love

weekly link-love


i’m pleased to bring you this week’s installment of weekly link-love!

5 Ways Your Sex Life Changes As You Get Older – not gonna lie, these types of articles about sex and aging make me feel so validated. my experience of sex has vastly improved since my late thirties and i’d say i’m having the most pleasurable and healing sex i’ve ever had in my forties.

How to Stimulate the G-Spot From the Outside – i had no idea! i can’t wait to try this one…

Vimphilia: a fetish for programmers – yeah, #relatable. i appreciate girl on the net giving this a name and writing about it, because i definitely get weak in the knees and wet in the knickers thinking about Daddy working. i really enjoy the way girl on the net weaves together erotica and a description of her kink in this piece. a great read.

Transient/Sexuality – great piece by c. murphy on travel and sex. they provide some excellent tips on how to travel with sex toys and there’s a bit of a tease about their travels around the world. i’d love to read more about that. and the photos that accompany the article, taken by the author, are just lovely.

Explore More Summit – this amazing online conference is about to conclude, but i highly recommend purchasing access to the mp3s or videos and workbooks. i haven’t been able to listen to all of the sessions or fully utilize the workbooks, but what i have watched so far has been uplifting and fascinating. there are sessions on body image, sexuality, spirituality… there’s truly something for everyone. fantastic!

Sex & the Spirit – aria vega provides us with great food for thought here. the connections of body, mind, and spirit are so important to keep in a world trying to disconnect you from your joy. great read; i’d love to see aria write a longer piece like this. she’s doing great work!

enjoy your week, dear reader!