introducing yes please, even MORE!

introducing yes please, even MORE!

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something new for you!

my dearest readers,

i’ve just launched a subscriber-based mailing list on substack called yes please, even more! for $5 a month, or the discounted rate of $50 for the year, you’ll get 4 weekly essays and a monthly tarot reading. not bad at all!

i’m trying substack as an alternative to patreon (especially since they aren’t sex blogger-friendly) and as a way to make a little extra money doing something i love. it also keeps me accountable to keep writing and prioritizing creative time, which is something that’s really important for my wellbeing.

there will be a mix of erotica and essays. i’m hoping it will be engaging and inspiring. please feel free to leave comments on my substack page or email me your thoughts directly using my comment form here or my contact info over at substack.

topics i’ll be exploring:

  • sexuality (natch…) and gender
  • kink and D/s
  • spirituality
  • disability, especially as it relates to bdsm and D/s
  • sexual and gender politics
  • music
  • and whatever else comes to mind as a good story!

never fear: i’ll still be writing here, of course! keep it peeled for more frequent content on the blog. there are some reviews coming and then the third installment of this series on subspace. i’m hoping to do an interview or two, a guest post, and some more erotic fiction before the end of the year as well.

the first essay, “we are three: my first kink experience,” is up now for free on my page. go read and enjoy!

thank you as always for your support. blessed samhain, my friends! 💜