review: lock-n-play wristband remote vibrating panty teaser

review: lock-n-play wristband remote vibrating panty teaser

photo of the wristband sitting on a black background with a houseplant in the background

i love the idea of my lover being able to control a hidden toy attached to me in some way. i love the thought of losing control, submitting to my partner, the possibility of wearing it in public and having to suppress what would normally cause a loud moan of pleasure.

so when i received the lock-n-play wristband remote vibrating panty teaser from the fine folx at shevibe, i was really excited to give this fantasy a whirl.

the specs

the lock-n-play wristband remote vibrating panty teaser, made by calexotics, features a small vibrating “massager” that can be attached to your undies with “magnetic tab wings,” and a wristband remote. both are made of body-safe silicone. the vibrator has an almost 33-foot range, so your partner can cycle through its 12 vibration settings from across the room, at least! you can charge this bad boy up in under an hour using the enclosed USB charger; fully charged, you get about an hour of play on the highest setting.

the panty vibrator on a black background with a houseplant in the background

this toy regularly retails for $85.99USD on shevibe. however! at the moment, it’s on sale for $52.99!


i was so excited to try this toy, but quickly found that it… just isn’t for me. i fumbled around with placing the vibrator, since the magnets didn’t really connect to hold it in place attached to my undies. while i’m on the voluptuous side, i don’t think that’s the issue here. the magnets just aren’t strong enough to keep it in place.

i couldn’t walk around with this toy at all; you really do have to be stationary. (i’m all ears if someone has found a better way to use the lock-n-play while moving around!) i had hoped i could move around, say, my kitchen, while my partner controlled the vibe with the wristband, but that was not to be. i had to be sitting or reclining nearby to enjoy the toy and not spend a silly amount of time shifting it around in my pants.

although the vibrator has its own control button, it’s completely impractical to try to adjust the toy once you’ve attached it (if you can?) to your panties. i used the toy on my own and controlled it myself with the wristband, since that was just easier. the wristband worked fine close-up and from across the room; i didn’t have any problems with it sitting several feet away from my partner.

the vibe itself feels really nice on my naughty bits, but it’s not super powerful. this is a toy for teasing your partner; that’s really the appeal here. however, i suspect that the trial and error of placing the vibrator could kill the mood. so plan ahead, dear reader, and be prepared to futz around with it. once you’ve done that, it’s a nice little ride. 😈

i’d love to try one of the other toys in this particular line, since there are several with differently-shaped vibrators that might work better with my body.

the lock-n-play wristband remote vibrating panty teaser from calexotics is a high-quality toy, even if it doesn’t necessarily work for me.

thank you again to shevibe, who so graciously sent me this toy in exchange for my honest review. just a heads up: i’ve used affiliate links throughout this review. so if you feel so inclined, you can support my work, shevibe, AND get yourself an amazing toy.

review: blush temptasia elvira

review: blush temptasia elvira

temptasia “elvira” by blush novelties. this is a black dildo with a suction base and a bulbous head.

i’m relatively new to this whole dildo thing, if you can believe it. 40+ years on this blue marble and i’ve only just acquired my third toy! peepshow toys was kind enough to add to my collection and i’m here to tell you, it’s a good addition!

the specs

blush novelties has made the “elvira,” part of the temptasia collection, for those who value the two Gs: girth and g-spot. the elvira is 6″ long, although 5.5″ is insertable. that might be a bit conservative for some folx, but that 2′ girth is my jam! it has a round, bulbous bumpy end that feels great. made out of black, body-safe silicone, the elvira also has a sturdy suction base and can be used with a harness. it’s easy to clean with a wipe or by boiling or placing in your dishwasher. be sure to clean out the small divot at the top!

mmm, yes!

i really enjoyed getting to know elvira! the silicone feels velvety and soft to the touch; you’ll probably want to rub it against your cheek a couple of times, it’s so nice. (or maybe i’m just a weirdo?) i used a little bit of the butters (go buy it here now, you will thank me) before insertion, which made it easier to use. i was immediately aware of that bump on the tip. it really does feel amazing against the g-spot and although i’m not someone who squirts fountains (i do find that impressive and hot af!), i found myself squirting quite a bit with this toy! i was impressed with it and my own body! it’s not my ultimate goal during sex and it’s okay if i don’t ever squirt, but it is a rather cool feeling.

i had a few great orgasms using elvira along with my magic wand for clitoral stimulation. it’s a really nice pairing and i can see this becoming a go-to when i want a quick, intense orgasm.

hmm, i dunno…

i wanted to try out the suction base and see if i could lower myself onto the toy. this did not work particularly well, as my legs might be too long. if you are someone shorter in stature, perhaps with more flexibility than this middle-aged woman, you would probably have luck with this. it does stick pretty well to suction-friendly surfaces. you might also be able to use it with a wall. unfortunately, i don’t have any surfaces at home that would work with this, but give it a try!

i didn’t find the elvira to be great for partner play. we might have been a little too far into things at that point to pay attention to how my partner was  inserting the toy. i found that it felt too bumpy against my cervix if it wasn’t held with the g-spot tip pointing up into me. if it went sideways, it felt unpleasantly awkward. i’ll probably keep this toy for solo play unless we devote more time to playing with it and paying attention to how it’s inserted. but that’s just us; other people might have a much better experience with the elvira during partner play. 

summing up

this is a great toy for those who love g-spot simulation. i think it’s best as a solo toy, but as always, your mileage may vary. at only $24 USD, it’s well worth giving this well-made toy a try. i’m impressed with the quality and will be trying more of blush’s line for sure.

go get your own elvira at peepshow toys using my link. your support is always so appreciated.

** thank you again to peepshow toys for providing me with the elvira in exchange for my honest review.