things i learned on my summer vacation

things i learned on my summer vacation

photo by me.

okay, i lied. i didn’t actually take a summer vacation, unless you count a trip down south for work. but i DID learn a lot this summer – about myself, about the importance of being present in community, and about how i work and what i want to do in the coming months.

when i started this blog, i thought it would be fun to write about sex and relationships and maybe get some free sex toys to review in the process. i love to write. i love talking about sex. why not? it would give me a creative outlet and maybe i’d learn some things along the way.

all of those things happened… and more. 

things i learned about myself this summer:

i’m letting my imagination run wild for the first time in my life and it feels really good.

when i decide to do something, i go all in. 

i’m not lazy like i used to think i was.

my body is strong(er) and more flexible than i usually think.

i’m desirable.

impact play is my JAM.

i’m not half bad at gardening.

i have a good head for business… and give great head, too. 😏

i enjoy helping others reach their goals, specifically other writers and sex educators.

i am driven more than ever to create more financial and emotional security in my life.

often, all you have to do is ask. the worst anyone will say is “no.”

things i learned about community, specially the sex blogging online world:

i’m enjoy co-creating.

it’s important to conserve my emotional energy during times of upheaval.

i’m pretty good at networking. see also: asking.

we can do just about anything we imagine and we can do it together and get results.

i’m not much of a follower or joiner, but i like being in community with other like-minded folx.

save your drafts in word or google docs before putting ’em in WP!

things i learned about my career path:

what i wanted to do before is not what i want to do now.

i don’t enjoy working for people; i enjoy working with people.

i enjoy being my own boss and collaborating on something that benefits a lot of other folx.

i’m capable of learning new skills quickly.

my writing is meaningful to some people and to me.

once i get my new business really going, i never want to work in an office again.

my efforts are effective and seen and appreciated.

i have skills people want.

i want to do some form of sex work next year. thinking of sextpanther!

i want to create things that help and educate and entertain – whether as a behind the scenes helper or the star of the show.

tomorrow it’s supposed to be 60ish degrees and i am so happy to welcome autumn! it was a good summer, but bring on the sweaters and under-the-blankets sex!