review: tantus super soft c-ring

review: tantus super soft c-ring

until Daddy, i’ve actually never had a partner who used a cock ring! how have i been sexually active lo these many years and no one i’ve slept with has wanted to make his erection bigger and his orgasm even more awesome?! WTF!photo of the tantus super soft cock ring

and i didn’t know to suggest it!? DOUBLE WTF!

is it just that men don’t know about things like this… or is there still stigma about men enjoying sex toys?

thankfully, Daddy is an adventurous free-spirit who doesn’t give af about stigma and likes cock rings. we finally bought a few and this is the one we liked the best.


the tantus super soft c-ring is an amazing little piece of silicone. i fell in love with it from the moment i removed it from the packaging. the silicone is smooth, almost velvety with a “satin” finish (according to tantus’ product description), and thick; you can tell immediately that you’ve got a good quality ring just by touching it. it’s stretchy, but you don’t have to worry about it breaking, because this body-safe silicone is strong!


my partner reports that he sees a difference in the size of his cock while wearing the c-ring. after a few uses at this point, he can wear it comfortably for about 20-30 minutes before he needs to remove it. and sometimes he will stop thrusting and take it off and go back to fucking me with a still-amazing hard-on. Daddy feels he could probably wear it for longer and longer (although that’s not really recommended by tantus), but that’s more likely when the ring fits around just the base of his cock and not around both his cock and balls. he thinks any discomfort he experiences is more anticipatory than reality because the sensation is just so cranked up.

my own experience is that Daddy’s orgasms last longer and are more intense. when i go down on him, he’s way more sensitive and his growl when he comes tells me we made a good investment. i love how he looks with it on, too. the black matte is quite nice-looking.

the cock ring around two fingersTHE BOTTOM LINE

this is a cock ring i would buy again and again. it retails for $10USD from tantus or you can buy through your favorite shop. (i got mine from the fine folx at come as you are for $12CAN.) it’s great quality and you really cannot beat the price. Daddy told me he thinks there are still lots of possibilities for pleasure with the c-ring. he’s not bored with it at all and i’m not either. highly recommended!


I purchased the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring for myself and my partner. No products were supplied by the company. This is my own honest review.