review: satisfyer pro 2 vibration pressure wave stimulator

review: satisfyer pro 2 vibration pressure wave stimulator

dear reader, strangely enough, the more reviews i write, the more i feel like such an utter newbie. there is a whole world of toys i’ve never tried, even some of the classics sex toys! i’m glad i get to take you on my journey, though, because we all must learn sometime, right? and i might as well share my experiences along the way.

introducing… the satisfyer pro 2 vibration pressure wave rechargeable waterproof stimulator!

(WHEW, that’s a long name for a toy.) thanks to the fine folx at shevibe for letting me test drive this baby.

photo of the satisfyer pro 2 on a fuzzy grey blanket

the specs

the satisfyer pro 2 is certainly an elegant toy. the handle part of the toy is ergonomically pleasing with its curved shape; it fits quite nicely in the hand. the toy has a beautiful matte rose gold finish with a body-safe, silicone head. it has three easily-accessible buttons; one controls the 11 different “pressure-wave intensity settings,” according to the description on shevibe. then two others control the outer ring, which will vibrate your clit in 10 delicious ways.

the toy comes with a USB charger that attaches in the front using magnets. if you don’t have one of those fancy wall outlets that allow you to plug right in or if you don’t have an AC adapter for it, you can buy one along with your toy. i’ve found that you have to position the toy in a particular way in order to keep the magnets in place and fully charge the toy. so keep an eye out for that! the satisfyer pro 2 does keep a charge pretty well.

did i mention it’s a waterproof toy!? if you enjoy playing in the shower or tub, you might like to take the satisfyer with you for dirty fun.

speaking of getting clean, you can use a gentle soap and some water to wipe the toy off. make sure to wipe down the inside of the head. you can also use a sex toy wipe such as afterglow cleansing tissues.

yes please! (with a caveat)

i really love the orgasms i have with this toy! they almost bring tears to my eyes, since the combination of suction, pressure, and rumbling feels pretty close to the leg-shaking intensity of good oral sex. if you’re someone who enjoys more diffuse, less direct contact with your clit, this toy might not be for you. but i find the pinpoint attention to my clit so delicious!

the caveat is that i can only get off with this toy if my clitoris and the area around it is dry. using this toy with lube seems impossible, since i can’t find the sweet spot where the head sort of grabs at my clit. everything just… slides around and while it’s vibration is nice, it might not be enough to catapult me into ecstasy. one trick i’ve discovered? take a shower and dry off thoroughly, then whip this toy out.

toys with suction aren’t everyone’s fave. i became frustrated for a while with the toy since i couldn’t place it the way i needed. but i really recommend the shower trick! this is a good toy for partner play AND it feels REALLY nice on your nipples, too.

the handle part of the toy, with its button placement, really is ergonomic, easy to hold, and easy to control. it’s just the right shape for my hand and i don’t feel like i’ll easily drop it.

closeup photo of the satisfyer 2 on a grey fuzzy blanket

the satisfyer 2 pro regularly retails for $69.99 USD, but you can grab one for yourself for only $59.95 on shevibe as of 1/1/20. throw in another small item, like those and get free shipping on orders over $68. you can’t beat shevibe’s prices.

make a resolution to have more fun in the bedroom this year and prioritize pleasure!

thank you again to shevibe, who so graciously sent me a toy in exchange for my honest review. just a heads up: i’ve used affiliate links throughout this review. so if you feel so inclined, you can support my work, shevibe, AND get yourself an amazing toy.