review: lovely 2.0

review: lovely 2.0

sextech fascinates me. the use of technology to enhance pleasure is certainly one of the benefits of a connected world obsessed with automating and tracking… and a world glued to our phones. i’ve never owned a toy with an app, so learning to use the lovely 2.0 vibrating couples ring has been a new and interesting experience.

the specs

the lovely 2.0 is a vibrating body-safe silicone cock ring that comes in two colors, soft pink and wild green. the folx at lovely were kind enough to send me the toy to review and so they chose the wild green, which is actually a very pretty teal color, as pictured below.

the lovely 2.0 FAQ provides the following information about sizing:

The minimum circumference for a comfortable grip is 11.5 cms (4.5 inches) measured at the base of your penis. The maximum depends on personal preference, as Lovely stretches a lot (enough to fit on an orange). But bigger the girth of the penis, the stronger the grip would be.

the toy comes packaged with a (somewhat) wireless charger. (you still have to plug the base in, but the actual toy fits in the cradle without having to be connected to anything.) the lovely 2.0 can be charged with other qi chargers as well. you also receive a USB cable, standard with most rechargeable toys these days, but always appreciated.

it comes with a free app you can download for iPhone and android. the app helps you (and your partner) track your experiences with the lovely ring. you can see how long you used it during a particular session and track how many calories you burned. the app will also recommend different positions or ways to use the lovely based on your data.

all in all, the packaging and presentation of the toy is LUXE. i was impressed with the matte box, but then again, i’m just a sucker for good packaging. 😉 the body-safe silicone is high quality, too, and feels durable and stretchy. there’s nothing about the lovely 2.0 that feels cheaply made.

the good…!

the lovely 2.0 isn’t just a pretty face, so to speak; it’s also a fun toy to use! my partner and i have used it several times during missionary position sex and it does add to our pleasure. we used sort of the standard vibrating setting, although there are 8 rumbly settings to choose from AND you can control the ring from the app from anywhere in the world. you can delightfully torture your partner with different speeds and patterns. for those of you with submissives, they might enjoy a little buzz buzz from you while you’re away on a business trip or from across the room. the ring responds well to the app. i didn’t have any problems getting it to pair with my phone via bluetooth. admittedly, we didn’t use the app *during* sex, but i want to explore that fun feature in the future.

for penis-having partners who use it with a vulva-owner, one thing i found is that the closer the wearer can get to their partner to touch the clit and labia with the ring, the better it feels. you might want to slow your thrusting a little bit and be deliberate about your movements. it does feel VERY nice and rumbly against the clit. i haven’t orgasmed solely from my partner fucking me with the ring, but it really does add a nice dimension to our bedroom time. one thing you can try is turning the ring on the penis so that the more pointed end is facing down; you can get the perineum that way and tickle everyone’s ass just a little bit. OOOH. it’s good in missionary or from behind. it’s fun to put it on during oral sex. there are a lot of options.

i’ve also used it as a clit toy for solo play. i can just press it against myself and enjoy. it’s not as heavy-duty as, say, a wand vibrator, but it does the job!

the eh…

while it’s a fun toy, my partner found it numbing if worn too long. we tend to go about 10-15 minutes with it on, and then sometimes he’ll change to a different cock ring or will take it off altogether. i think it’s possible to work up to longer wear, but we haven’t gone that route (yet).

i’m not big on the app other than for controlling the toy. people who love to keep data on their sexual experiences will love how the lovely app works and those who want to spice up their sex life might also enjoy the recommendations provided by lovely, but i find this to be unnecessary for my own use.

i also question the need to include calories burnt while using the toy. for some people with ED issues or for those of us who just don’t care about these things, it might be off-putting (or even triggering) and make sex more goal-oriented than it has to be.

this is an expensive toy that retails for $139 through the lovely website, so it’s out of reach for many people, including me, seeking an app-controlled toy. however, if you can find it on sale or have some extra dough to spend, this is a nice upgrade to your cock ring collection! to me, it seems like an investment piece. it’s well-made and seems like it will last a long time. it would be great for the manufacturer to add more features to the app as well.

in summary, i really enjoy the lovely. it’s a high-quality, versatile toy. i recommend!

you can purchase the lovely 2.0 for yourself (using my affiliate links if you’d like, every bit counts, thank you very much!) at peepshow toys or shevibe, in addition to other shops online and offline!

the fine folx at lovely were kind enough to send me the toy free of charge in exchange for my honest review. thank you, lovely!