review: crystal glass pleasure wand

review: crystal glass pleasure wand

photo of a blue glass dildo on a white sheet

i’m admittedly not an expert on dildos (YET). but i do think i have high standards! i’m happy to say that the fine folx at shevibe were kind enough to send me a crystal glass pleasure wand by ns novelties for review. adding a non-silicone dildo to my collection was a good move. it’s a lovely glass dildo for a reasonable price. i’m impressed!

the specs:

this gorgeous cobalt-blue glass piece is handblown and made of 100% hygienically superior borosilicate glass. it boasts 6″ of insertable length and is 1.4″ in width at its widest point. it can be both heated and cooled for use. even better, it can be used with any lubricant you like. you can easily clean it with soap and water.

the crystal glass pleasure wand is body-safe, phthalate-free, and non-porous! we like toys that keep us nice and healthy. at a retail price of $25USD, it’s a great investment in your pleasure. and it’s such a beautiful blue, you might just want to display it when you’re not playing with it!

yes please!

i’ve used this toy mostly for solo play. however, it would be a great addition to partner play as well. inserting the pleasure wand is a breeze, with or without lube. it easily slides in and out and catches the vibration of my magic wand. that gives me an extra fun internal buzz. it quickly warms to my body heat and feels nice in my hand.

i’m really big on toys that don’t require a lot of gripping right now, as i’ve been having a lot of pain in my hands due to my arthritis. the crystal glass pleasure wand is just so easy to use; i can even just clench it inside with no hands and have that feeling of fullness so many of us like.

i have not tried this cold, but i want to try that next. it sounds especially delicious for hot weather! a cold glass dildo will definitely stun your partner into submission. 😉 i also haven’t tried this for anal play, but it seems to me it would be perfect for beginners. It’s not terribly large or intimidating and would insert smoothly.

thank you again to shevibe, who so graciously sent me a toy in exchange for my honest review. i’m happy to tell you that as of this writing, the toy is on sale at shevibe for $22.99USD! go buy one. it’s a really lovely and well-made piece to add to your collection. you can’t go wrong.

just a heads up: i’ve used affiliate links throughout this review. so if you feel so inclined, you can support my work, shevibe, AND get yourself an amazing dildo.