review: a tale of two lubes, the butters & sliquid naturals swirl

review: a tale of two lubes, the butters & sliquid naturals swirl

ah, it was the best of times, it was the horniest of times. the summer weather got me like this, only for reals, dear reader! no acting here!

all i want to do is fuck and get high and sit around in the sun in my floppy hat and drink cold beverages. and it’s only the beginning of the summer!

what’s better than trying out some new lube this season? treat yourself! i’m discovering the joys of different lubes for different types of fuckery. i know that this is common knowledge to 95.347% of the rest of the world, but it’s new to me. i’ve always stuck with the same lube for everything and i’ve realized i’m in a rut and not all that excited by what i’ve been using for years. so i recently tried a couple of totally new-to-me lubes. i love them both for different reasons and i highly recommend them to you, dearest of readers! there’s a reason these are faves of so many bloggers!

the butters hygenics co. lube is my new go-to! the butters lube has reached nearly icon status in the sex blogging world and for good reason. it’s luxury for your naughty (and even not so naughty) bits at a mind-blowingly bargain price! at only $3.67 USD for a 2oz jar and $12.87 USD for the largest 8.5oz jar, just about anyone can afford to treat themselves to this luxury.

the lube is creamy, kind of a light yellow cream color, and quickly melts on your fingers and skin. it has a fairly neutral smell, so if you’re scent-sensitive, this shouldn’t be a problem. the ingredients are listed as:

aloe vera gel, raw shea butter, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil, pure soy lipid emulsion, apple cider vinegar, guar bean powder

the butters is also body-safe and compatible with just about any toy. it’s 100% vegan AND edible, although i haven’t yet tried it during oral sex. (i’ll have to report back on that.) it’s also gluten-free, but if you have issues with any of the above oils or soy, this might not be the best for you. otherwise, proceed with JOY!

i used this lube for the first time with my partner. i took a dab about the size of a quarter (i’m guestimating here…) to start and slathered it on his cock. we both sort of sighed as it quickly melted. i added another slightly larger dab and that was really enough to get things moving in the right direction. i didn’t experience the lube drying out like so many water-based lubes can; in fact, after a leisurely handjob, my partner entered me and the lube created a nice, slick sensation and didn’t dry out then either. the amount everyone uses will vary, but i appreciated that it didn’t take much to keep things slippery!

i later rubbed on a bit more while using my magic wand and i swear, it helped me come even faster! i think the warming sensation of the oil on my vulva made it easier to orgasm. it feels great on your other body parts, too! i rubbed a bit on my sore, pinched-out nipples after a session with D and they felt softer and less owwie.

i highly recommend adding the butters to your lube rotation. it’s probably the best i’ve used and it’s tempting to stock up, because i’m pretty sure i’ll be using this very regularly. it’s also great to support a company run by a queer person of color. i’m happy to give jerome all my money for great products!

i’ve also become a big fan of sliquid’s swirl line. i think i’d tried a flavored lube ages ago and didn’t like the taste or texture and so gave up on flavored lube. after i started sex blogging, i decided i should live on the edge and give it another go. i haven’t been sorry!

although over time i’ve become less enthused about water-based lubricants, swirl is an exception. it’s sugar-free and, like the butters, 100% vegan. swirl is hypoallergenic and lightly scented. it’s sweet, but not in an off-putting way, and of the couple of flavors i’ve tried, they’re pretty close to the real thing.

i will add to this as i try the others, but for now, i’ve tried the cherry vanilla and blue raspberry flavors. since it’s water-based lube, it’s very wet when you first apply it. it’s really and truly made for oral sex; your own saliva and your own partner’s wetness keep the lube wet as well. in my experience, it did dry out a bit if i wasn’t using my mouth. the handjob i gave was pleasant enough, but it didn’t do it for me on that front. but going down – now that’s the good stuff!

the cherry vanilla flavor is sort of like a piece of candy crossed with a tiny bit of vanilla coke, at least for me. the blue raspberry is JUST like a sno-cone. i mean, your partner’s/partners’ bits are probably tasty all on their own, but this lube will make going down even more fun!

you can purchase swirl on the sliquid site or early to bed, or from several other retailers. come as you are collective also sells samplers of all the flavors!

it’s going to be a long, hot summer, so stay in the air conditioning if you can and try out some lube! ☀


note: i purchased these products myself and was not compensated by either company. this is my own honest review.