an update

an update

hello, dear readers! kaja here, with an update.

as you may have noticed, i haven’t been as active here as i was last year. between my day job and taking on side gigs and trying to manage my health, it’s been difficult to find time to write and review for the blog. but i’m making it a goal to get at least one review or piece of writing up a week for the rest of the year and start working on a rebrand for 2020. please feel free to email me if you have topics you’d like me to explore!

i also spent the summer working on my gardening skills and continuing my learning-to-knit adventure. i hung out a LOT with my partner, which is always lovely. i’m trying to make an effort to see more of my friends, since i did a weird summer hibernation this year. it was helpful, but it’s time to get out and have some fun once in a while!

a photo of a monarch butterfly on a yellow flower in my garden

today it felt good to post a long-overdue review and to update my blogroll. i certainly hope you’ll go check all of that out!

i’m also doing social media work with DASAN and enjoying that quite a bit. we’re a little quiet at the moment while we individually deal with our personal stuff and health, but fear not – there will be more activity and hopefully we’ll launch our slack channels soon.

i’ve also been featured in some recent posts on pinkspacelime! you can check out my responses to some great questions from readers here:

how can i introduce toys into the bedroom?

how much sex is normal?

many thanks to kayla for reaching out and asking me to do a guest spot on her blog! i’m always open to writing guest posts and other things, so hit me up if you have an opportunity!

thanks for sticking with me all this time! i’ve had pretty good traffic, all things considered, and i hope you will continue checking back to read my musings here. much love to you all and may your autumn be abundant and warm. 🧡