an introduction…

an introduction…

hello world.

my name, for your purposes, is kaja echo. and this is my new blog, yes please more.

i’ve written all my life – everything from music reviews to grant proposals to a master’s thesis. it’s been a while since i’ve been a regular blogger, but i’ve recently felt compelled to join the world of sex blogging, so here i am.

you’ll learn all the important stuff about me as i post more.

i like the intersections of sexuality, politics, and culture. i believe everyone has a right to pleasure, whatever that means for us. i have also come to believe that my life’s work is to help others see their own light and to love themselves way more than most of us do.

i like exploring the edges, even if i’m afraid. especially if i’m afraid.

join me.

** special shoutout to the marvelous wendy for her encouragement and advice as i started getting this here blog together! <3 **